Tack Plate With Rivets
Tack Plate With Rivets

Tack Plate With Rivets

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A pair of anodized aluminum plates that are placed on opposite sides of the sail and riveted in place with the included rivets. Tack plates are intended for use at sail corners for added reinforcement and chafe protection. Recommended for boats 20 feet and under.

To Install: Tack plate should be attached at least 3/16 inch behind the boltrope if the boltrope will slide into the mast groove. Otherwise, the plates can be placed right up against the back of the boltrope. Match the two boards directly opposite one another. Punch a hole in the sailcloth and insert the rivets to install the pieces. When the rivets are properly installed, the two boards will compress the fabric tightly. After rivet installation, cut out the sailcloth in any openings with a utility knife and then smooth the job with a hotknife.