How to Accurately Position Snaps

Item # X-HT-300095

Installing snaps that fasten cloth to a hard surface can be a tedious task. Making sure that the button on the cloth and the stud on the surface line up is key to properly installing your bimini, dodger, enclosure, table skirt or other project. To make this task easier and to ensure a snug fit on your next project, we’re going to show you two systems that will help you accurately position your buttons and sockets over the studs.

To get started, install the surface studs first in their desired locations. The studs will then be used as a guide to install the buttons and sockets in the fabric. Now you’re ready to position!

The Easy Fit Kit

How to Use the Quick Fit Kit to Position Snaps

The Easy Fit Kit is a set of position markers that allow you to mark all of the socket positions for the entire canvas project. To position, snap one of the Easy Fit Pin Sockets to the installed stud. Then, poke the fabric onto the pin. To keep the position in place (and to not poke yourself on accident!), press the Easy Fit Plastic Holding Cap over the pin. You can then move on to the next stud and repeat the process around the project.

The Quick Fit Kit Holding Caps

This system works great for marking the desired position of sockets and buttons, but it is not an installation tool. After all of the positions are marked, use the Easy Fit Release Tool to unsnap the pin sockets from the studs. Take the canvas to a workbench and carefully remove the pins. Use the hole left by the pin as your guide for snap installation.

The SnapRite System

How to position snaps with the SnapRite System

The SnapRite System is an entire snap installation system that uses four unique dies and any standard rivet tool to install snaps components. To help position snaps, the orange socket die will snap right on to an installed stud. Poke your fabric over the mandrel protruding from the die and use the rivet tool to install the button and socket directly over the stud. You can see a demonstration of this system on the SnapRite System Complete Kit Product Page (#104500).

Installed SnapRite Button

The SnapRite System allows you to install your snaps on site, without having to move to a workbench. The downside to this method, however, is that you can only mark one location at a time.

As you can see, using one (or both!) of these positioning methods will help you to be more accurate and more efficient when installing cloth-to-surface snap components.

Do you use one of these systems or do you have another trick for accurately installing snaps? Share your thoughts in the comments!