How to Make a Pleated Seat Cover for a Motorcycle

Item # X-HT-200646

In this video we will be recovering a motorcycle seat with a pleated vinyl fabric cover. Step by step instructions include; patterning, how to sew pleats in your vinyl fabric, how to make boxing and then how to staple the cover to the seat. After watching this video you too should be able to make your own pleated or channeled seat covers. You can find the foam with fabric backing and all the other supplies including the marine vinyl fabric from Sailrite. 

How to Make a Pleated Seat Cover Chapters:

  • Patterning Scrim Foam & Fabric -- 0:27 min
  • Sewing Pleats -- 3:04 min
  • Installing Boxing -- 5:12 min
  • Topstitching -- 10:17 min
  • Stapling Cover to Seat -- 11:28 min
  • Materials List -- 13:20 min