How to Make a Sail Logo

Item # X-HT-200163

Sailboats include a logo or emblem defining the boat type. Some sailboats even include a logo of their sailing club, yacht club, etc. The emblem helps other boats recognize your boat type from a distance. The sail emblem is placed above the boat’s sailing number and country code. In this quick DIY, we’re going to show you how to create your own sail logo using just a handful of supplies from Sailrite®.

In our tutorial, we’re using an existing logo on a sail to trace from. Clear Monofilm is a fantastic material to use for tracing sail logos, numbers or anything really. Once we have the shape of our logo traced on the monofilm material, copy it onto the new Insignia Adhesive Backed Fabric, trace and cut it out.

Next you’ll take the new logo and adhere it to your brand-new sail. The adhesive back of the Insignia fabric makes this a simple and easy task. You can even use Insignia Adhesive Backed Fabric to create your own sail numbers or anything you want to add to your sail. At Sailrite we sell precut sail numbers, but you can also make you own as an alternative to ready-made ones.

We have a wide color selection of Insignia Fabric, so you can customize your logo to suit your taste. Have fun creating a new logo for your sail! And if you have more sail repairs underway, be sure to check out our inventory of sail making and sail repair how-tos. On our “How-To” page, browse through the “Sail Repair” and “Sail Making” categories under the “Marine Projects” section.

Sailrite’s roots in sailmaking and sail repair run deep. We are your one-stop shop for all sail and marine DIYs. From sailcloth to leather sewing palms to sewing machines that can handle sewing large sails both at the marina or even on your boat, we have all the tools and supplies to transform you into a self-reliant sailor!