How to Remove a Spur Grommet

Item # X-HT-200690

Sometimes spur grommets get damaged in your sail. They can experience corrosion and the metal can wear down after years of abrasion and saltwater. When you need to remove an existing grommet and replace it with a new one, the task can seem daunting. But don’t worry. We’ll show you how to remove a bad spur grommet with a Dremel tool. Let’s get started.

We’re using a Dremel tool with a tungsten carbide cutter to remove the grommet. Make sure you wear proper safety equipment like protective eyewear because the Dremel will create metal shards all around your workspace. Once the inside rim of the grommet is cut away, the rest of the grommet will pop off easily.

Now all that’s left is installing a new grommet. You’ll need the same grommet size as the one you just removed as well as a spur grommet die set and a mallet. Watch our video below for a comprehensive explanation of how to carefully remove a grommet from your sail without creating a bigger hole in the sailcloth.

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Materials List

  • Insert for 7/8" Shackles - Item # 100042
  • Grommet Spur Nickel #2 (3/8") - Item #26316

Tools List:

  • Die Set Spur #2 - 3/8" - Item # 18203
  • Mallet Hammer Style 3# (Barry King) - Item # 68563
  • Dremel Tool & Tungsten Carbide Cutter
  • Screw Driver
  • Safety Goggles