IMAR™ Mariner's Bucket #506

SKU: 121033



Keep every inch of your boat looking shiny and new with this complete cleaning kit. The IMAR™ Mariner’s Bucket contains full-size, 16-ounce bottles of their Yacht Soap Concentrate, Yacht Polish, Yacht Clean & Shine, and Multi-Purpose Marine Cleaner, plus a 2-1/2 gallon bucket and a sponge.

Give your boat a good all-over clean with IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate. This soap is uniquely formulated to create a high polished appearance with no streaks or spots, plus it rises clear and dries quickly. Yacht Soap Concentrate contains no harsh alkalies, acids or abrasives so it won’t remove protective polishes while cleaning.

Follow up your cleaning with a protective coating. IMAR Yacht Polish features a unique polymer base to clean, polish, shine and protect fiberglass, gelcoats, metal, paint and other marine surfaces. This product safely removes oxidation and other marks and stains, while the included UV inhibitors create a protective barrier against further UV damage, scuffs, droppings, mildew and other stains.

Give your newly cleaned and polished boat that factory-finished look with IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine. This spray-on formula was designed to enhance shine and give a “wet look” to polishes while removing minor amounts of soil, oil film and dust. Formulated to repel dust, Yacht Clean & Shine, can be used on your boat inside and out to maintain a shiny, showroom finish.

For all of your day-to-day cleaning needs, this kit also contains IMAR Multi-Purpose Marine Cleaner. This spray-on cleaner penetrates and lifts away multiple layers of grime, soil and mildew. Use this cleaner on inflatables, vinyl tops and upholstery, power cords, fenders, cockpit decks and other tough jobs.