IMAR™ Strataglass™ Care Bucket #505
IMAR™ Strataglass™ Care Bucket #505
IMAR™ Strataglass™ Care Bucket #505

IMAR™ Strataglass™ Care Bucket #505

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Everything you need to perfectly care for your Strataglass™ or other clear vinyl in one, easy-to-order kit! The IMAR™ Strataglass Bucket contains full-size, 16-ounce bottles of their Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner, Strataglass Protective Polish, and Yacht Soap Concentrate plus a 2-1/2 gallon bucket and a sponge.

This three-step system has everything you need to keep your clear vinyl looking like new. First, give your clear vinyl a thorough cleaning with the IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate. This cleaner contains no harsh alkalies, acids or abrasives so it will protect the polish on your clear vinyl while providing a streak- and spot-free shine. Use before protective polish.

After a deep cleaning, protect your clear vinyl with a protective polish. Safely clean, polish and protect your Strataglass and other clear vinyls with IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish. This polymer-based polish will molecularly bond to the clear vinyl creating a nearly invincible barrier against the damaging effects of marine environmental pollutants.

In between washes, you can wipe up your day-to-day grime with a spray-on cleaner. IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner is designed to clean, shine and protect your clear vinyl. Formulated with UV inhibitors to maintain flexibility and an anti-static agent to help repel dirt. This protective cleaner can be used daily to keep your clear vinyl shining like new.