Leather Craft Package for Fabricator®
Leather Craft Package for Fabricator®

Leather Craft Package for Fabricator®

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Product Details

Outfit your Fabricator® Sewing Machine with everything you need to master your leather sewing projects. This curated assortment of leather sewing accessory products was specially selected by the DIY experts at Sailrite®. In this unique package, you’ll find important machine attachments and notions for sewing all types of leather. Take your leather crafting to the next level with these must-have leather sewing essentials.

 Speed Reduction System

Our 12-tooth cogged motor pulley with 42-inch timing belt is a single-belt drive speed reducer. Changing the pulley and belt is as simple as "swap and sew." The resulting re-gearing allows the Fabricator to sew with incredible slowness and precision. At the slowest speed setting, you can achieve a sustained superslow sewing speed of 70 stitches per minute with the pedal down — or sew even slower by adjusting your foot pressure on the pedal. When the motor is programmed to the highest setting, the maximum sustained speed is 640 stitches per minute.

Please Note: For Fabricator machines bought prior to 2019, you will need to order the 40.8" timing belt (#103537). Use that belt with the cogged pulley instead of the one included in this package.

Original Pulley

3/4 stitch per second up to 1,108 stitches per minute

Speed Reduction Pulley

1/2 stitch per second up to 640 stitches per minute

Smooth Leather Foot Set

The Smooth Leather Foot Set is a specialty presser foot and feed dog set specifically designed for sewing leather and delicate materials. The smooth bottom surfaces of all three parts will not scuff or damage leather. The inside presser foot has an open channel in front of the needle so you can see where your needle will pierce the leather, making it much easier to follow a marked stitch line or groove line.

Left Zipper Foot 

The Left Zipper Foot is essential for sewing zippers in your leather assembly. Whether sewing bags, clothing or utility items, this zipper foot exposes the right side of the presser foot, allowing you to sew extremely close to the zipper teeth and keep the bulk of your project on the outside of the machine. The smooth bottom surface will not scuff or mark leather.

Swing Gauge Sewing Fence

Two stitch lines, one tool. Easily set the distance from the edge of your leather to your needle for perfectly straight stitch lines every time with the Swing Gauge Sewing Fence. Once installed on your machine bed, set your edge stitching location by tightening the gauge’s thumbscrew. You can swing the gauge out of the way when you need to, then swing it back in place and the gauge is still set where you want it for consistent edge stitching and seam allowances. With two faces on the gauge, you can set two seam allowances for more convenience and productivity.

Sailrite® Battery Operated Thread Burner

No more lighters! A thread burner is the smart way to seal your thread ends. There’s no risk of burning or singeing your leather. The precision tip heats up in seconds and applies heat right where you need it to trim and seal thread ends to keep them from unraveling.

Sailrite® Scratch Awl

This versatile tool belongs in every leather crafter’s toolbox. A scratch awl is used with a straightedge to score stitch lines and mark seam allowances. The contoured, wooden handle fits perfectly in your palm, making it easy to control the tool and score leather accurately.

Fabric/Leather Clips

An extra hand when you need it, these clips hold leather assemblies together without leaving marks or holes. Fast to install and with a strong holding power, these clips are incredibly useful when sewing leather layers together for wallets, bags and more. They’re also great for holding leather layers together while glue cures. Includes 50 clips.

Thread & Needle Bundle

This assortment of polyester thread and leather needles is more than enough to get you started on your leatherwork journey. Whether you’re a new leather crafter or have been sewing leather goods for years, you can never have enough needles and thread in your workshop. Four 10-packs of the most common leather needle tips are included.

Perpendicular Point Leather Needle

This leather needle cuts stitch holes wider than they are long. The holes run perpendicular to the sewing direction, cutting a neat row of clean, close stitch holes. The result is a recessed, decorative seam of left-slanted stitches. Recommended for very short stitches in light to heavy leathers.

 DI Leather Needle 

With a large and aggressive cutting tip, the blade cuts through tough hide easily. The diamond-shaped tip produces neat-looking straight stitches that are slightly recessed. DI needles are optimized for heavy, dry and hard leather and a medium to long stitch length is recommended.

Twist Point Leather Needle

A Twist Point needle tip slants 45 degrees to the right. This produces slightly elevated stitches that mimic the look of hand stitching. Achieve an artisanal, handcrafted look in a fraction of the time. Use Twist Point needles to sew short to medium stitches in light leather.

Triangular Point Leather Needle

The three-sided tip makes clean, triangular cuts in leather. This results in a straight seam with slightly elevated stitches. Use a triangular needle to sew medium to long stitches in thick leather.

Package Includes:

  • 12 Tooth Cogged Motor Pulley
  • Cogged Timing Belt 42"
  • Smooth Leather Foot Set for Fabricator®
  • Zipper Foot Left for Fabricator®
  • Swing Gauge Sewing Fence
  • Sailrite® Battery Operated Thread Burner
  • Sailrite® Scratch Awl
  • 50 Fabric/Leather Clips
  • Tex 90 White UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz.
  • Tex 90 Black UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz.
  • Tex 135 Platinum White UV Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz.
  • Tex 135 Black UV Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz.
  • #22 Leather Sewing Machine Needles Perpendicular Point (10 pack)
  • #20 Leather Sewing Machine Needles DI (10 pack)
  • #19 Leather Sewing Machine Needles Twist Point (10 pack)
  • #21 Leather Sewing Machine Needles Triangular Point (10 pack)
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