Lenzip® #10 Black Continuous Water Resistant Zipper Chain

SKU: 125351
$17.25 to $310.50



When you need a zipper that is practically waterproof, choose Lenzip® Water Resistant Coil Zippers.

The highly water-resistant polyurethane coating makes coil zippers a great choice for marine applications, rain apparel and rain gear, military applications, environmental containment enclosures, portable fabric structures and more.

Continuous zippers require at least one end to be sewn shut. They do not include a starter box, pin, top stops or zipper slider. At the top of the zipper, sew the end shut, sew on fabric tabs as zipper stops or install metal top stops. Top stops and sliders are sold separately. These zippers are compatible with single reverse tab coil sliders or regular #10 double pull sliders.

NOTE: We recommend using Lenzip sliders with Lenzip zipper chain and YKK® sliders with YKK zipper chain. This chain will only work with a #10 slider for coil chain. We recommend the Lenzip #10 Reverse Tab Metal Zipper Pull (#125352) for optimal water resistance.

Water-resistant zippers are reverse bail zippers, which means the top side (flat side) of the zipper tape features the polyurethane coating. The zipper teeth face the underside of your application. The polyurethane coating reduces the flexibility of the zipper teeth; therefore, we do not recommend these zippers for curved applications.

NOTE: Due to the waterproof polyurethane coating applied to the zipper tape, Lenzip water-resistant zippers are not flexible enough to turn a tight radius.


  • Highly water-resistant coating on one side; great choice for marine applications.
  • UV resistant.
  • Manufactured in the USA.