Sailrite® Zipper Jig
Sailrite® Zipper Jig
Sailrite® Zipper Jig

Sailrite® Zipper Jig

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This sturdy nickel-plated Sailrite® Zipper Jig holds your Lenzip® and YKK® zipper sliders, from sizes #2.5 to #10, for easier and quicker assembly to your zipper teeth. It is often challenging to secure the zipper slider to the zipper chain. A third hand would make the job easier and this Zipper Jig is the solution.

If you’re making a lot of cushions or working on projects requiring the addition of a zipper slider to a zipper, you’re in luck! The lower clamp firmly secures the zipper jig to your worktop and the upper clamp is used for locking the jig rod in any direction. With this tool, you can put your zipper on forward or backward. Instructions are included.