Lenzip® #10 Black Style C Single Non-Locking Metal Zipper Pull (Coil Chain)

SKU: 124606
$3.50 to $56.00



Lenzip® #10 Black Single Non-Locking Metal Zipper Pull is specifically designed for use with a coil zipper chain. These high-quality zipper sliders are designed to resist corrosion and UV rays. Single-pull sliders can only be opened from one side.

Locking vs Non-Locking Zipper Sliders: Locking sliders have a small mechanism in them that keeps the slider in place unless the tab is pulled. The slider will not move on its own even if the zipper tape is forced apart. Non-locking sliders do not have this mechanism and allow the zipper to separate by pulling on any part of the zipper slider or even by pulling the teeth apart. Locking sliders are recommended for trousers, jacket fronts and any application where you need the slider to stay put. Non-locking sliders are recommended for applications where there is minimal crosswise tension against the zipper chain or when you need to quickly separate the zipper, like on a genoa sleeve.

NOTE: We recommend using Lenzip sliders with Lenzip zipper chain and YKK® sliders with YKK zipper chain. This slider will only work with #10 coil chain.