Lenzip® #5 White Separating Coil Zipper (Metal Single Pull Slider)

SKU: 125108
$2.90 to $3.95



This Lenzip® #5 white zipper is a fine-toothed, white coil zipper with a smooth zip and a metal single pull slider. Choose from a locking or non-locking slider; slider types available may vary by zipper length.

Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible than molded tooth zippers, making them an excellent choice for projects with curves. Use a #5 separating coil zipper on larger cushions, purses and bags. When used in outdoor applications, we recommend keeping the zipper covered to protect it from the sun and increase the life of the zipper.

Separating zippers can be fully separated like the zipper on a jacket. They include a zipper slider, starter box and top stops. A separating zipper can easily be shortened by cutting the end that is closed last. Install new top stops or sew fabric pieces over the ends of the teeth to keep the slider from coming off the end.

Slider Position: Right side (left hand pin insertion)


  • Single pull metal slider in your choice of locking or non-locking. Slider types available may vary by zipper length.
  • Strong and flexible; ideal for projects with curves.
  • Separating zipper includes slider, starter box and top stops.