How to Make Snap Together Fabric Buttons

Item # X-HT-300424

Adding a Snap Together fabric button to your next upholstery project is a great way to create a fashionable, finished look. These fabric buttons are easily customizable using the fabric of your choice and are perfect when you only need a few fabric covered buttons. In our short video, we’ll show you just how easy it is to make fabric covered buttons using both light and heavier weight fabrics.

Our finished pillows.

As we mentioned before, a fabric covered button is a simple way to dress up and customize pillows, cushions and seating applications. We offer many sizes of Snap Together Button Forms, and they require a few steps to create the completed button. But if you’re looking to make numerous fabric covered buttons in a short period of time, we recommend using the W-1 Hand Press. This handy tool features an easy-to-operate hand press and uses a special die to create custom buttons.

Snap Together Button Forms work best with lightweight fabrics. To accomplish this, you’ll want to cut a circle of fabric in your desired circumference. The Snap Together Button Forms have special teeth that grab the fabric and hold it together. Usually you can use a screwdriver or your fingernails to help tuck the fabric into the button form. Then you’ll snap the backing plate of the button form into the top to finish the button. It’s that easy!

You can also use these button forms with thicker fabrics, like the chenille upholstery fabric we’ll be using in the video. Normally this isn’t ideal for a secure application, but we’re going to show you a special trick to get a great-looking button form every time. After you’ve cut your fabric in the desired circumference, this process involves sewing around the perimeter of the fabric circle and using the thread tails. You can tension your fabric up around the button form. See how it’s done in the short video below! Don’t forget to show us photos in the comments below once you’ve completed your button project.

Tools List:

  • Snap Together Button Form 1-1/8” - Item #100194
  • Snap Together Button Form 7/8” - Item #100189
  • Snap Together Button Form 3/4” - Item #100188
  • Snap Together Button Form 9/16” - Item #100187
  • Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler - Item #107040
  • Thread V 69 Natural Polyester - Item #106135
  • Thread Clipper “Kuroha” - Item #121908