Scratch Awl Yellow
Scratch Awl Yellow
Scratch Awl Yellow
Scratch Awl Yellow
Scratch Awl Yellow

Scratch Awl Yellow

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A scratch awl is a truly multiuse tool that belongs in every DIYer’s toolbox. This versatile, handheld tool acts as a marking and punching tool for sailcloth, chrome tanned/sailmaker’s leather, vegetable tanned leather, canvas and coated materials such as waxed canvas. A high-quality scratch awl is a must-have for sailmakers, leatherworkers, bag makers and everyday sewers who regularly use leather or coated materials.

With its sharp, high-quality metal point and sturdy yellow handle, this awl is ideal for:

  • Pre-punching holes for hand sewing.
  • Marking spots for future stitch holes.
  • Reopening or enlarging existing stitch holes.
  • Scoring stitch lines, seam allowances, patterns and other measurements into the material.
  • Holding material in place — just punch the awl through the fabric and into a sacrificial surface.
  • Holding the Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler (#107040) in place around a center point.