Morbern® Bayside Slate 54" Vinyl Fabric

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Morbern® Bayside Slate is a great upholstery vinyl with four-way stretch properties. It has some stretch, but not as much as a true 360-degree four-way stretch vinyl. It’s also not as stretch resistant as traditional construction vinyl. With Bayside, you have the versatility of some stretch and the ability to add construction stitching when needed. This mixture of properties makes Morbern Bayside a great choice for golf cart seats, jet boat seats, boat interior and exterior cushions and upholstery, dining room seat cushions, commercial/hospitality seating and so much more. Choose Bayside for projects that require a mix of both stretch and construction vinyl properties. Bayside can be constructed and sewn or stapled and pulled to remove wrinkles and provide shape.

Slate is a deep charcoal gray color. This unique vinyl fabric complements any design scheme, and its slightly textured appearance and matte (shine-free) finish add a touch of sophistication. Bayside possesses all the notable qualities of Morbern seating vinyl, such as being abrasion-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean and weather-resistant enough to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Morbern Bayside Shell 54” Vinyl Fabric (#121991) shown.