Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax 2.25 oz.

SKU: 122672



Restore, retreat and protect your DuraWax™ Waxed Canvas and other heavy cotton duck fabrics with Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax! Made in Portland, Oregon, this all-natural, heavy-duty fabric wax is derived from premium quality beeswax and a blend of oils and plant-based waxes. It’s a water-repellent wax that does not include any paraffin, silicone or petroleum-based synthetic ingredients.

Otter Wax is a simple way to improve the water repellency and durability of your waxed canvas. It can be used again and again to re-treat your fabric. Use Otter Wax to re-wax canvas projects such as bags, purses, jackets, utility projects, hats, shoes, briefcases, duffle bags and more.

We recommend this product for use on our DuraWax Waxed Canvas and other heavy-duty natural cotton duck fabrics. You can even use this product to add a wax coating to other cotton fabrics that have never been waxed before.


  • Clean and dry the desired item
  • Rub the wax bar into the fabric creating a thin layer of wax. Apply wax to any seams using the corners of the wax bar.
  • Smooth out any unevenness with your fingers or use the flat side of the Wax Smoothing Tool (#122675) to help press the wax deeper into the fabric.
  • Use a hair dryer to heat the wax and set it into the fabric. Then set the item aside to cure for at least 24 hours in a warm, dry place.
  • Reapply the wax as often as you’d like or any time you notice your waxed canvas is not beading away water properly.