Plastipane 12 Gauge 54" Vinyl Window Material
SKU: 102941
3 Available  - More Coming 7/14/2022


This is a 12 gauge, clear vinyl window material ideal for marine and light industrial applications. Plastipane is double polished for good optical clarity. This very lightweight clear vinyl makes a great patterning material, as well as light windows for sails, dodgers, boat side curtains, automobile seat covers, tents and any application where minimizing weight is more important than optical clarity or durability. Sews easily and rolls up compactly.


Baste window material in place with Seamstick over the fabric. Sew the window in place using a #18 or #20 needle and V-69 or V-92 thread. After sewing, use scissors to trim away the fabric from the window. Finish the raw edges with binding for a more refined appearance.

Care and Cleaning:

Wash regularly with mild soap and water. To prolong the life of Plastipane, use 303 Aerospace Protectant on a regular basis to help restore plasticizer protection and add UV protection.

Why do vinyl windows turn cloudy and become brittle?

The key to keeping vinyl looking and performing like new is maintaining the integrity of the topcoat and protecting against UV damage. Vinyls contain plasticizers, chemicals that make them soft and pliable, that over time work their way to the surface and evaporate, wash away, or rub off. The top coat (PVF or PVDF) is applied to block plasticizers from migrating out of the material.

Top coats greatly increase the life of vinyl windows, especially those left up permanently. Its effectiveness is reduced on applications that are taken on and off or folded regularly. Strataglass has a special polymer coating that is more scratch resistant and less susceptible to damage caused by folding.


Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard
Width: 54"
Thickness: 0.012"
Color: Clear
Weight: 12 Gauge
Care & Cleaning: Soap & Water
Cold Crack Rating: -30° F
Roll Size: 50 Yards
Hand: 2.5 S


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Ivy McMullen
Verified Purchase

So far I love everything. Still working at tension adjustments for different materials

Looks great. Haven't used it yet as I'm making 14 yards of bias tape first. This will be used to make a sewing room door hanging organizer. I'll share a picture when done

Philip Meyer
Verified Purchase

Next time

Use it on my rear window of my convertible works great

Scott Meyers
Verified Purchase

Good quality

Haven’t used yet but it is likely just as good as the thicker 20 and 30 mil vinyl.

Lynn Olinger
Verified Purchase

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Djuro Djankovich
Verified Purchase

Good product

Nancy Petersen
Verified Purchase

Great customer service as always. I received my order quickly and it was perfect!

Becky Vordermann
Verified Purchase


Sherry Atkinson
Verified Purchase

Yes I received my product.

Verified Purchase

Inexpensive see thru door

I used this vinyl to replace the screen in my screen door. I used this door for my sunroom.


Too thin for my needs, but VERY durable and strong...

Received material today. 12 gauge is very thin. Spoke to Sailrite and related that I was basing their thickness standard with the thickness of wire in relation to gauges, this was a bad assumption on my part. It seems 20 gauge would have been more suitable in replacing the soft-top windows on a Jeep. The stuff although thin seems very durable, but we will select a higher gauge in a future order.

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