Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kit

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Keep your clear vinyl material looking like new for years! These specially formulated cleaning products can be safely used on O'Sea® and Regalite® window vinyl. This three-step system is the best cleaning solution to keep scratches, clouding and chemical damage from occurring. Suntan lotion, oils, fuel vapors, bird droppings and even rain can distort your window vinyl and cloud your view. Protect your clear vinyl investment using this easy three-step system.

3-Step System:

  1. Clean: This nondetergent, nonabrasive soap cleans your automotive, marine and commercial vinyl windows. It won't remove previously applied polish or wax. Its nonstreaking, nonspotting formula rinses clear with reduced drying time.
  2. Protect: This protectant cleans and shines your window vinyl safely and effectively. With UV protection to enhance flexibility and an antistatic formulation to help repel dirt from the surface, this product can be used daily to remove fingerprints and other contaminants to keep windows shining like new.
  3. Preserve: This polymer product molecularly bonds to the vinyl surface, creating a nearly invincible protective barrier against the damaging effects of marine and automotive environmental pollutants.

Storage: Keep products from freezing. Keep only in the original containers and store bottles in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep bottles closed when not in use.