New England Premium 3-Strand Nylon Line 3/8" (10mm) White

SKU: 21203



Premium 3-Strand Nylon Line by New England Ropes is a long-wearing, flexible and easy-to-handle rope with superior strength and abrasion resistance compared to all other 3-strand nylon lines. This line contains high tenacity nylon treated with New England Ropes’ Marine Tech coating, increasing wet strength and improving fiber-to-fiber abrasion resistance. Use for dock lines, anchor lines and mooring lines.

New England Ropes has an excellent reputation as the leading manufacturer of premium quality rope. Made in New England and tested in some of the world’s most notoriously harsh conditions, New England Ropes provides high-quality performance and worry-free durability.


  • Use for: dock, anchor or mooring lines
  • Flexible, long-wearing and easy to handle
  • Spliceable (3-Stand Eye Splice)
  • Stronger and more abrasion resistant than other 3-strand nylon lines
  • Shows little degradation from UV rays
  • Take caution with nylon around strong oxidizing agents, as it might degrade
  • May discolor when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide
  • Good resistance to the passage of electrical currents
  • Tensile: 4,250 lbs.
  • Melting Point: 460°F
  • Sheaves: Recommended sheave diameter to rope diameter is 8:1