Quick Attach™ Gate Eye 3/16" x 5/16" by Suncor®

SKU: 104316



Quick Attach™ Gate Eye by Suncor® is used to install lifeline on boats. Featuring a mechanical swage fitting, this Gate Eye is fast and easy to install using only simple tools. This gate eye can be used with any type of cable (1x19, 7x19, or 7x7). Use where a lifeline gate is needed. Ideal for repair or rigging without swaging and for many other industrial or architectural uses where the exact length of the cable cannot be determined beforehand or where assembly needs to take place on-site. This is designed to be used with a 3/16" wire rope.

The Working Load Limit (WLL) is determined by the WLL of the wire used


  • Precision machined from grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holding power of at least 90% of the maximum breakload of the wire rope used
  • The wire will always break before the fitting even gets distorted
  • Fast attachment to any type of cable (1x19, 7x19, or 7x7)