Refinishing a Tabletop With Vinyl Fabric

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Do you have a tabletop that’s looking worn out or scuffed? Thinking of refinishing it? Well, with our easy tutorial, you won’t have to worry! Using tools and supplies from Sailrite®, you can refinish any tabletop by seamlessly covering it in vinyl fabric. Follow along as we show you how it’s done!

You may be wondering, “Why refinish a table using vinyl fabric?” Well, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to revamp an old table. The vinyl fabric covers up any scuffs, scratches or discoloration that may exist on the table to begin with. Once the vinyl fabric has been stretched across the table and stapled to the underside, it creates a cohesive, smooth look without any unsightly flaws. We’re also going to be adding a dust cover fabric to the bottom to create an even more seamless appearance.

  • A straightforward, simple, no-sew DIY project.
  • Can be completed in just one day (saving you time and frustration).
  • Less expensive than refinishing wood the traditional way.
  • No sanding or staining needed!
  • Vinyl can easily be taken off and switched to match any décor.
  • The vinyl that we’ll be using for our project is called Nauga Soft from Naugahyde®, a leader in performance vinyl fabric. This fabric is easy to clean, waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew and abrasion. And, like the name suggests, it’s incredibly soft and supple to the touch. Luckily, we have an expansive selection of durable vinyl fabrics that are perfect for this project, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and taste.

    In today’s blog, we’re going to be using our Sailrite® Short Nose Upholstery Staple Gun to help us staple the vinyl fabric to the underside of the table. Our air-powered staple guns are comfortable, handheld tools for the serious upholsterer and casual DIYer alike. They’re the perfect tool to help you staple your vinyl fabric to the underside of your table and add the dust cover fabric to the bottom.

    How did your table turn out? We’d love to see photos in the comments below!

  • Vinyl Seating Fabric from Sailrite - we used Nauga Soft Soft White 54" Vinyl Fabric - Item #100668
  • 21 Gauge 3/8" Staples 10,000/Box (Galvanized) - Item #8010GZ
  • Cambric Dust Cover Black 40" Fabric - #106739
  • Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler - Item #107040
  • Chalk Pencil Cartridge Set - Item #121669
  • Gingher® Scissors Right Hand Lightweight 8" - Item #101017
  • Sailrite® Short Nose Upholstery Staple Gun - Item #121410
  • Scratch Awl Yellow - Item #2354