Regalite® 20 Gauge Vinyl Window Material 29" x 68" Clear

SKU: 103723



Regalite® Vinyl Window Material is a 20-gauge press-polished window material with good optical clarity and durability. Regalite is a standard marine grade window material manufactured from 100% polyvinyl chloride with a highly polished finish that results in a soft, flexible, press-polished sheet. This clear vinyl window material is perfect for marine windows as well as automotive and RV windows. The thinner 20 gauge will bend, roll and store more easily than a thicker gauge.

Please Note: The manufacturer lists the size of the sheet as 29" x 68", however we have found that the sheet size varies up to 3 inches in both length and width.


Baste window material in place with Seamstick over the fabric. Sew the window in place using a #18 or #20 needle and V-69 or V-92 thread. After sewing, use scissors to trim away the fabric from the window. Bind the raw edges with binding for a more finished appearance.

Pro Tip: Due to a slight bluish tint, we recommend pairing this product with other Regalite or O'Sea products.