Regalite® 40 Gauge Vinyl Window Material 29" x 68" Charcoal

Regalite® 40 Gauge Vinyl Window Material 29" x 68" Charcoal

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Regalite® Vinyl Window Material is a 40-gauge press-polished window material with good optical clarity and durability. Regalite is a standard marine grade window material manufactured from 100% polyvinyl chloride with a highly polished finish that results in a soft, flexible, press-polished sheet. The charcoal finish helps to greatly reduce sun glare. The manufacturer lists the luminous transmittance as between 17-20%. In comparison, Regalite Clear has a luminous transmittance of 85-87%. This vinyl window material is perfect for marine, RV and automotive windows.

Please Note: The manufacturer lists the size of the sheet as 29" x 68"; however, we have found that the sheet size varies up to 3 inches in both length and width.


Baste window material in place with Seamstick basting tape over the fabric. Sew the window in place using a #18 or #20 needle and Tex 70 or Tex 90 thread. After sewing, use scissors to trim away the fabric from the window. Bind the raw edges with binding for a more finished appearance.