Popular Sail Kits

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Below are hundreds of popular sail kits for boats that we take orders for frequently. But we can make sail kits for any sailboat or sail type. If you don't see your boat and sail here please click this link to fill out our custom sail kit quote form(s) found beneath the section titled Custom Sail Kits.

Flatfish Jib Sail Kit
Flatfish Gaff Main Sail Kit
Ness Boat Lug Main Sail Kit
Ness Yawl Mizzen Sail Kit
Omega 14 Jib Sail Kit
Omega 14 Main Sail Kit
Holder 14 MK I Jib Sail Kit
Vagabond 14 Jib Sail Kit
Vagabond 14 Main Sail Kit
Siren 17 Storm Jib Sail Kit
Siren 17 Genoa Sail Kit
Siren 17 Jib Sail Kit
Siren 17 Main Sail Kit