How to Make a Spritsail Sail Kit

Item # X-HT-102946

Thinking about building your own sail kit? Don't worry -- we're here to help! This "Constructing a Spritsail Sail Kit" video will show in detail how to construct a sail from one of our sail kits in six easy steps. Constructing a sail kit is easy and fun with help from Sailrite®! In our two-part instructional video series, we'll walk you through you how a Catspaw Dinghy sail kit is constructed. Here at Sailrite, we cater to every boater and craftsman who wants to sew his own custom, professional-looking sails.

The Catspaw Dinghy sail that we'll be creating in our videos is more on the small side, but that doesn't mean it needs to compromise on quality! All sail panels are computer designed and cut out on our state-of-the-art plotter system to ensure the utmost accuracy. After the parameters are put into the computer, our 50-foot plotter goes to work. All seam and hem lines are drawn on the fabric—even the corner patches are cut out. All that’s left to do is match up the appropriate panels’ seam lines, baste and sew. Sail kits also come with excellent instructions to make the job simple to understand.

When you receive this sail kit from us, you'll find all the patches stapled together and labeled to further assist you. When you're sewing your sail kit together, we recommend using the included Seamstick Basting Tape for Sailmaking & Vinyl. As one of our best-selling products, this double-sided mylar film adhesive bonds well with your sailcloth prior to sewing to ensure your panels stay together while you sew. Basting tapes are left permanently in place and don’t need to be removed after you’re done sewing. Although it is included with your sail kit, we've also added some options in the “Related Products” section of this blog to consider if you ever need extra.

It's easy to receive an instant kit quote for your boat, click the "Custom Sails" icon on our home page for more information. And once you’ve finished, we’d love to see the finished work in the comments below. Good luck!