Sailrite® Leather Glue Brush & Container Set

SKU: 123317



This container and brush set is for gluing leather pieces together during leather crafting. The bristles on the silicone brush are designed for maximum glue retention so you can apply more glue in one spread, saving time on large leather projects. Use the paddle end of the brush for excess glue cleanup and precise glue application.

The lock and seal feature on the lid keeps glue from drying out during project use. This product is for water-based adhesive only. Not for use with solvent-based adhesive.

Note: This set is designed for short-term glue storage only. Not recommended as glue container replacement.

Dual-headed applicator.

Allows for precise application with no overspread or wasted glue.

Brush seals the lid.

Glue won’t dry out in between applications.

Easy-to-clean nonstick container.

Dried glue peels right off.