Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Easy Swap Hinge Set

SKU: 123676



This hinge set is an upgrade to the current one-piece hinge system that came with your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine. These new pins are designed to simplify the process and make the machine easier to install and move from a case or table. With this new design, you no longer have to hold the machine at an awkward angle in order to slip the machine onto the hinge pins.

With these new hinge pins, you simply install the pins into the back of the Ultrafeed and drop the machine straight down into the portable case/wooden base or the cutout in the Ultrafeed table stand. This improved hinge design makes it much easier to transfer your machine from its portable setup to the table stand. Installation instructions are included.

Important Note: These hinge bases are not compatible with older Ultrafeed tables with the rectangular, Euro hinge cutouts.