Sewing Machine Carrying Case: Protect Your Ultrafeed®

Item # X-HT-300370

It starts with a great foundation. The case is constructed from a sturdy plywood frame laminated in durable black melamine, which is a strong plastic resin. Every edge of the case is framed in aluminum, and the corners are reinforced with zinc alloy end caps. The Sailrite logo is silk-screened on one side of the lid. This adds a polished, decorative accent to the case, as well as indicating which direction the lid should face so you always know which side is the front of the machine.

The lid of the Industrial Carrying Case attaches firmly to the base with butterfly latches. Not only are butterfly latches easy-to-use twist latches, but they’re the most secure attachment latches on the market and a major upgrade to the hasp fasteners on the previous case. The industrial-grade handle on the top of the case is now spring-loaded and offers a secure grip. We improved the plating on the hardware of the updated case to make it less prone to rusting in extreme saltwater conditions.

Sewing Machine Carrying Case Ultrafeed 3

When you place the lid on its side, you’ll notice the entire top inside of the case is lined with a dense, closed cell foam padding. This specially designed foam supports and cradles the machine, even when stored on its side. We spent a lot of time and attention on this aspect of the case because we knew space was an issue for our customers. Whether you’re on your boat, RV or even at home, quarters can get cramped. The foam is strong and supportive enough that you can store the machine in its case on any side or angle that fits your needs without worrying about damaging the machine.

Sewing Machine Carrying Case Ultrafeed 4

The updated case has more robust and larger rubber feet that won’t rip off. The rubber feet are through-riveted to the case to offer ultimate stability and keep the machine stationary for vibration-free sewing. Another upgrade is an elastic protector strap for sewing delicate materials. This strap snaps directly onto the base and keeps materials such as window vinyl from accidentally getting scuffed or scratched on the latches as you sew.

The case’s tray top features a durable ABS plastic surface that’s guaranteed not to chip. The updated top features precut holes for installation of the Kickstand and Integrated Thread Stand. Simply drop the Kickstand into the slot in the case and you can securely tip back the machine when you need to replace the bobbin thread.

There’s a storage cubby for holding sewing accessories, and the foot control, Monster® II Balance Wheel (with hand crank attached), and the Integrated Thread Stand all fit nicely inside the case — you don’t have to detach them in order to fit the lid onto the base. And if you upgraded your Ultrafeed to the WorkerB® Power Pack Motor System, the motor fits inside the case snugly.

Sewing Machine Carrying Case Ultrafeed 5

The sleek, industrial design of the case looks great and speaks to the quality and robustness of the machine it protects. Our Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are the best in the industry, and they deserve an equally impressive case. The Industrial Carrying Case is included with all Ultrafeed machines as of February 2023. It’s also sold separately for anyone who wants to upgrade from the wooden base in the former BASIC machine package or anyone with an older version of the machine that predates the updated case. The Ultrafeed Industrial Carrying Case is sold exclusively by Sailrite and can’t be found anywhere else.

For more information about our patented Ultrafeed Sewing Machine, be sure to read our blog “Why Choose an Ultrafeed?” (#300330XHT) to learn more about our best-selling portable, semi-industrial sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Carrying Case Ultrafeed 6