When you need the most control and slow-speed precision, choose the Speed Reduction Upgrade for your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine. This package is designed for Ultrafeed machines equipped with the WorkerB® Power Pack Motor System. The addition of the Monster® II Balance Wheel gears down the WorkerB motor, reducing your sewing speed by half compared to the standard WorkerB® Balance Wheel.

Note: This package is intended for Ultrafeed machines in the Industrial Carrying Case as it includes a compatible kickstand; otherwise, please order #604U.

This upgrade is ideal for leatherworkers, hobby sewers, beginners who want the comfort and ease of slow, controlled sewing and anyone who prefers to sew at a slow, steady pace. The balance wheel also includes a hand crank for those who wish to sew manually without electricity, making this package a great choice for on-the-go sewing and repair jobs.

WorkerB® Balance Wheel with WorkerB® Power Pack 1 stitch per second up to 550 stitches per minute
Monster® II Balance Wheel with WorkerB® Power Pack 1/2 stitch per second up to 260 stitches per minute
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Monster® II Balance Wheel

This is the top-tier balance wheel for the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine. Its extra-large size gears down the motor so you can sew with incredible slowness and precision. The Monster II provides better slow speed control than the WorkerB Balance Wheel that comes standard on the Ultrafeed. It also brings smoother and quieter operation to your machine.

Hand Sewing

Need to sew without electricity? Made from 7 pounds of nickel-plated steel, this balance wheel’s weight creates enough momentum to make hand-cranking effortless while smoothly sewing through thick assemblies. The hand crank is easy to install and remove whether you’re using the balance wheel for hand cranking or for speed reduction purposes.

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Ultrafeed Kickstand

This kickstand adds additional support and stability to the Ultrafeed with the Monster II Balance Wheel installed when it is hinged back inside the carrying case. It is very easy to install and remove when not needed. The kickstand is made of zinc-plated steel with rubber end caps. Made exclusively for Sailrite in the USA.

Package Includes:

  • Monster® II Balance Wheel
  • Cogged Timing Belt
  • Kickstand for Ultrafeed® Industrial Carrying Case
  • Instructions


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LS, Ultrafeed LSZ
Brand: Sailrite
Warranty: 90 Days



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