Sewing Problems & Questions

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Here at Sailrite®, we believe in not only being a one-stop shop for all your sewing and DIY project needs, but we also pride ourselves on being a sewing authority. We often receive sewing questions from our customers, so we’ve put together this document of “Frequently Asked Questions.” Hopefully, this download will help solve some of your sewing mishaps so you can get back to your project.

We'll answer all your sewing questions.

There are three big questions we get asked from customers. One is a concern about Seamstick Basting Tape gumming up the needle and causing them to skip stitches. Customers also call in with concerns about their thread flaking all over their fabric and what that means. The last question has to do with the struggles of matching up striped or patterned layers of fabric. These are issues that have probably happened to most sewers — beginners as well as experienced DIYers. These are simple problems that have easy and straightforward solutions. We’ll cover all these topics and give you our remedies for these common sewing issues.

If one of your sewing questions is not answered here, don’t worry! We have dozens of blog posts and support videos to help with a variety of sewing questions and concerns. At the top of the webpage, go to the “How-To” tab and then select “Tips & Tricks.” You can browse through all of our “Tips & Tricks” blogs to find the one you need, or you can narrow your search by “Sewing Techniques” or “Sewing Special Materials.” Or type your query into our search field and see if we have a blog on your topic. If you still need help, we’re available by email, phone or online chat. Our staff of trained customer service representatives is ready and waiting to assist you with anything you need.

We hope this post has helped you with some of your common sewing problems. Happy sewing!