How to Select the Correct Shackle Size

Item # X-HT-200206

Sail shackles are often used to secure a slug or a slide to a sail. Shackles are very popular choices among sailors because they are easily and quickly installed. The difficulty comes in knowing how to measure your current shackle to know which new size of shackle to order from Sailrite®. Luckily, we'll cover all this information in our video to help you make sure you get the right items for your boat.

If you're replacing a broken shackle, we'll show you how to correctly measure your existing shackle so you can be sure to order the correct replacement size. If you are sewing a brand-new sail — or if you want to replace all the shackles on your sail — you have a little more liberty to choose a size you want.

Be sure to watch our short video to learn how to select the right shackle size to prevent chafing problems when you add the slugs. Once you know what size to order, be sure to shop our wide selection of slugs, sliders and shackles. At Sailrite, we're your one-stop shop for all your marine DIYs.

If you still need assistance or still aren't sure what's right for your boat, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions. We're always happy to help our customers order the correct supplies for their boat and sewing needs. Thanks for watching our tutorial video and happy sailing!