SnapRite® Twist-Lock Die
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SnapRite® Twist-Lock Die is a uniquely designed die that installs Twist-Lock fasteners to canvas using a standard rivet tool. This die works in conjunction with the SnapRite Button Die to quickly and easily install Twist-Lock, also known as Common Sense®, fasteners.

Install Twist-Lock fasteners on your boat for accurate positioning. The key to this system is the use of a SnapRite Mandrel and using snap components that have a hole down the center. The SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit requires the use of SnapRite Buttons. The purchase of the 1/8" Drill Hole Cutter (sold separately) makes cutting holes for the buttons easy. This system works with any standard rivet tool; so buying a new tool is unnecessary if you already have one.

SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit Instructions:

  • Place fastener on fabric and mark the desired location.
  • Using the cutting block as a backer, drill holes in the marked location.
  • Depress the levers and screw in the button die into the rivet tool.
  • Place a mandrel through the hole in the Twist-Lock Die.
  • Line up the fastener snap through the bottom so the barrel protrudes.
  • Guide the mandrel through the button into the rivet gun.
  • Be sure the mandrel is flush with the bottom on the Twist-Lock Die.
  • Use the tool to rivet the button.
  • Repeat for the second button.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite, SnapRite


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Rhonda Watkins
Verified Purchase

Great tool!


Helpful addition

An excellent addition to the very clever SnapRite system. This works very well to attach twist locks firmly to fabric.


Useful addition to SnapRite system

This die expands the versatility of the SnapRite system to the installation of twist lock two screw studs to cloth. It works well and is an extremely useful and clever addition. One does have to be cautious not to use a button whose barrel is too long. Perhaps it should have been included in the SnapRite "Complete" Set.

Gloucester Canvas

Needs to be made of tool steel.

I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and have used it on about 12 fasteners. The inner edge has deteriorated to the point it wont properly set the caps to the fastener. Its a great die to have. However, it needs to be made to tool steel.

Sailrite Response

This part is made from hardened stainless steel. But even so, the key to long life for this particular tool is to pre-punch the hole for the snap button barrel with an 1/8” hole punch or rotary drill cutter. If you skip the step of creating the hole first then you can easily damage the ridge of the mandrel hole. Please contact us if you need further explanation or support.

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