Soapstone Fabric Marking Pencil White

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Soapstone Fabric Marking Pencil White is a natural, lightweight soapstone pencil for marking dark fabrics. Soapstone is safe on all fabrics and washes off easily with plain water. The pencil-style case features ridges for a comfortable grip and a transparent barrel shows the length of the soapstone. This Soapstone Fabric Marking Pencil can be sharpened with any pencil sharpener.

Soapstone is a naturally soft, delicate substance and should be handled carefully to reduce breakage. If it breaks, small pieces can still be used in the marking pencil. Soapstone develops a thin, hard surface when it has been exposed to air over a period of time. Re-sharpen the soapstone gently and scrape the point on a piece of sandpaper to sharpen before use.

To Use: Mark fabric with thin lines. Do not iron over marks. Remove marks by gently rubbing fabric or washing fabric with plain water.

Each Marking Pencil comes with one stick of soapstone.

Sold Each.