Stamoid™ Light 8.82 oz. Cream 59" Vinyl Fabric

SKU: 5912515



This vinyl-coated, high-tenacity woven polyester is completely waterproof and treated against mildew. Stamoid™ Light has outstanding UV resistance and almost no shrinkage (less than 0.5%). Due to its high-tenacity, woven polyester construction, Stamoid Light does not expand or have humidity sagging problems common to many other marine fabrics. It maintains flexibility in temperature extremes from the hot tropics to near zero temperatures. With only one side vinyl-coated, use the lightly textured, coated side facing out and the heavily textured, woven side facing in. The woven side of this fabric has a Nanotop™ treatment which is an invisible barrier to impede condensation and pollutants from staying on the surface of the fabric, ensuring dirt resistance and cleanability of the fabric.

Stamoid Light Vinyl Fabric is easy to sew, as well as being easy fold and stow in tight places. Stamoid Light is ideal for marine awnings, boat covers, dodgers, outdoor covers, plus RV and automotive awnings.

Keep your Stamoid Light Vinyl Fabric clean with mild soap and water. Sailrite® recommends protecting your Stamoid with IMAR™ Stamoid Marine Vinyl Protective Cream to keep your vinyl fabric protected and looking great.

Stamoid Light Vinyl Fabric is specifically designed for outdoor use. Do not use for seating.

Please Note: Stamoid Vinyl Fabric is also available in a heavier 12.7 oz. weight which is vinyl-coated on both sides for easier maintenance, greater tear strength and heavier applications.

Stamoid Light 8.82oz Royal Blue 59" Vinyl Fabric (#5911534) shown.