Stamoid™: Marine Vinyl Cover Fabrics

SKU: X-HT-300363



Marine fabrics come in a variety of materials, textures and weights, making them suitable for all sorts of applications. But not all marine fabrics are created equal, which can make it difficult to decide which one is best suited for your boat application. Here at Sailrite®, we carry an impressive variety of cover-worthy fabrics. This blog will focus on one fabric in particular, Stamoid™.

Made by Serge Ferrari, Stamoid high-performance fabrics are dedicated especially to the world of boating. These marine cover fabrics are most popularly used on super yacht applications, where only the best is good enough. Serge Ferrari founded his European company in 1973 and created an ingenious material called “Précontraint®” that offered superior durability while remaining a lightweight performance fabric. From then on, the Serge Ferrari company has been firmly involved in the international market, manufacturing and providing innovative fabrics and materials for a vast number of applications. Over time, they’ve proven themselves as a leader in creating cutting-edge performance fabrics such as Stamoid.

Sailrite is proud to carry two different Stamoid fabric lines: Stamoid Top and Stamoid Light. First, let’s get into the general composition of these fabrics to get a better idea of their unique capabilities. These fabrics are ideal for cover applications and are not recommended for marine seating or upholstery uses.

Stamoid Top is a vinyl-coated, high-tenacity 100% woven polyester with a weight of 12.64 ounces per square yard. Stamoid Light is simply a lighter weight (8.3 ounces per square yard), more economically priced vinyl-coated polyester fabric. This combination of a synthetic fabric with a dense weave and vinyl coating makes Stamoid fabrics completely waterproof, mildew resistant and resilient to extreme temperatures in both salt- and freshwater environments.

Their high tenacity woven polyester construction also provides these fabrics with impressive dimensional stability. This eliminates the chances of sagging and shrinking over time, ensuring your application will look professional for years to come, with a five-year limited warranty to back these claims. Stamoid fabrics provide unrivaled protection for all those on board from the wind, rain, sea spray and sun. Because Stamoid fabrics are opaque, they will filter out 100% of UV rays, so you can feel protected on any voyage. Stamoid fabrics are incredibly versatile and come in a wide array of colors to suit any taste. The heavier weight Stamoid Top excels in different applications compared to Stamoid Light.

  • Custom biminis and dodgers
  • Spray hoods
  • Cockpit enclosures
  • Boat tops
  • Boat awnings
  • Enclosure curtains
  • Convertible tops
  • Shade sails
  • Protective covers
  • Dinghy covers
  • Architectural structures
  • As Stamoid Top has a vinyl coating on both sides; we recommend using it with the lightly textured, coated-side facing outside and the smooth, shiny side facing inside.

    Because Stamoid Light is a lighter weight version of Stamoid Top, it’s easier to sew, fold and store. With only one side vinyl-coated, use the lightly textured, coated side facing out and the heavily textured, woven side facing in. It still retains superior protective capabilities.

  • Seating covers
  • Table covers
  • Console covers
  • Dinghy covers
  • Ship’s wheel covers
  • Lightweight boat awnings
  • A unique feature of Stamoid Light is that the woven side of the fabric is equipped with a Nanotop™ treatment, which is an incredibly thin, invisible barrier used to prevent condensation and pollutants from staying on the surface of the fabric, ensuring dirt resistance and cleanability. Cleaning Stamoid fabrics is a breeze! When it does come time to clean them, we recommend using a mild soap and water. We also suggest that you protect your Stamoid with IMAR™ Stamoid Marine Vinyl Protective Cream to keep your application looking great.

    Stamoid fabrics are a premier choice for a wide array of boating applications. Now that we’ve explained their impressive properties, we hope this makes your choice a little easier for your next marine DIY. If you’re still unsure, Sailrite offers a variety of fabric samples so you can judge the look and feel of Stamoid fabrics first before you buy. You can also contact a member of our highly trained customer support staff to answer any questions you may have. Happy sewing!