Tear-Aid® Vinyl Repair 3" Type B
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Tear-Aid® Repair Tape (Type B) is a clear, adhesive-backed tape used to repair holes and tears in vinyl and vinyl-coated applications. Tear-Aid's unique airtight and watertight elastic composition stretches and recovers, absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to be torn off. This vinyl repair tape is durable, flexible and puncture-resistant to protect against abrasion, moisture, saltwater, UV sunlight and extreme temperatures. Great for use on awnings, vinyl boat and RV covers, vinyl windows, inflatables, water toys, vinyl seats, vinyl tents, air mattresses and tarps. It even works on Naugahyde®!

Tear-Aid Repair Tape (Type B) is for vinyl and vinyl-coated materials only. Type B has a unique adhesive that resists the oils in vinyl that cause other adhesives to turn gummy in sunlight. (See Tear-Aid Type A for canvas, nylon, rubber, plastic and other materials.)


  • Holds air under pressure even when stretched
  • See-through patch works with all colors
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Won't turn gummy in heat
  • UV resistance inhibits discoloring
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Won't pull off when stretched
  • Functions in temperature ranges from -20°F to 140°F after application
  • Meets military & ASTM standards and specifications
  • Shelf life: Approximately 2 years


Sale Unit: EA
Width: 3"
Color: Clear
Brand: Tear Aid


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Patching a Vinyl Fabric Cover

Patching a Vinyl Fabric Seat


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Jeff Lander
Verified Purchase

This is an amazing tape. I use this for vinyl repair on a hot tub cover. This is the only tape that will stick to vinyl without ‘gooing up.’ Very strong. I wish I could have the time and money back that I spent on other tapes, before finding this one. Fantastic product.

John Wilbur
Verified Purchase

Home repair

I used to make a repair on vinyl siding on my home. Worked great

Craig Cundiff
Verified Purchase

Working great on my house....

I have a seam in my vinyl siding that is from where the previous owner removed a bathroom window and "patched " the siding over where it was....it was apparently years ago and now it is de-forming letting rain water behind it and it's making my drywall wet....bad ....bad.....bad..... I purchased the Tear-Aid vinyl repair (6').. and it worked great...I cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry....placed the Tear-Aid across the seam and it's adhering very well and more importantly keeping rain water out....it's much more expensive that tape but tape doesn't come close to being the product this is....tape won't stand up to freezing NE Ohio ..and hot summers...this will.....

Donald MacNair
Verified Purchase

good stuff

George Rick
Verified Purchase

Wonderful product

I use this product on my vinyl seat in my UTV, it works fantastic, if you follow the procedure to put it on.

Andrew Wilson
Verified Purchase

Second time ordering this product. Works great, I use it to repair small cuts in my ice hockey goalie pads.

Robert Brennan
Verified Purchase

The Tear Aid tape required careful handling because it was very sticky however once it was on flat it was very effective. Video instructions were very good.

Stephen Bagatti
Verified Purchase

Great vinyl siding repair.

Storm came through and flying walnuts put a hole in my vinyl siding. Type B vinyl repair adheres great to the vinyl, painted to match, cheap fix. One repair has been up for 2 years and is holding strong. 2 thumbs up

Verified Purchase

Great Product

I love this product! It completely covered chips in my siding and was easy to apply.

Verified Purchase

Buying time for the golf cart.

This is not inexpensive but if it works over time it’s priceless. It was purchased to repair a 2” rip in the front seat of a golf cart. Eventually the seat will be reupholstered but I am hoping this product will buy us some time. I found the on-line instructions very useful. The product is clear so the tear is visible, but that is not important at this time. It’s been on the seat for a month but the cart is not used on a daily basis. I think the truth will be known come next spring.

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