Template for Fasteners With 2-Hole Studs (PDF)

Item # X-HT-300429

What do you usually do when cutting holes in your fabric for a two-hole fastener base? You figure out where you want the holes placed, then mark the holes in the stud base with a pencil or fabric marking tool, all the while trying to keep the fastener base from shifting around while you struggle to mark both base holes with one hand while keeping a hold of the fastener with the other. Save yourself the hassle and hand gymnastics by using our free downloadable hole cutting template.

Our template makes centering two-hole studs easy.

This printable template is a worry-free way to align the holes in your two-hole stud. Here's how it works: Simply choose which two-hole stud you have — either studs with holes 0.597 inch apart or 0.865 inch apart. Once you know which size fastener you have, punch out the holes on the paper template. Next, cut the template at your desired distance from the fabric edge. For example, if you want your fasteners installed 1/2 inch from the fabric edge, cut the template at the 1/2-inch cutting line.

Cut the template your desired distance from the fabric edge.

The template is designed with our recommended spacing of 8 inches between fasteners. Once the template is cut, align it against the fabric edge and mark the punched-out holes with a fabric marking pencil.

Use a marking pencil that will show up against your fabric color when marking holes for fastener placement.

If you want your fasteners spaced 8 inches apart, move the template down your fabric edge, align the template holes with the ones already marked on your fabric, and mark your next set of fastener holes. Repeat as necessary along the edge of your fabric. Once your fabric is marked, use a hole cutting tool to punch holes in your fabric assembly and install the fasteners.

You're now ready to punch out the holes in your fabric assembly and install the fasteners.

The technique above also applies if you are pre-drilling holes in a hard surface for cloth-to-surface fastener applications. Punch out holes in the paper and cut the template at your desired cutting line as described in the previous paragraph. Align the paper against the edge of your desired surface. Hold the template in place and drill starter holes directly through the paper.

The template is compatible with all Loxx® and DOT® Twist-Lock two-hole bases. All Loxx two-hole studs are cloth-to-surface fastener bases, but DOT offers both cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-surface options. Cloth-to-surface fasteners are compatible with wood, fiberglass, plastic and even StarBoard® marine material. Sailrite® offers a wide variety of Loxx and DOT two-hole fastener assemblies for all of your canvas projects. Both brands are known in the industrial and marine industries for delivering high quality, dependable products with superior performance and strength.

This template is designed to be disposable. Once you've used it for your current project, you can discard the paper. When you need a new two-hole fastener template for your next project, print a fresh template and follow the same procedure listed above. Click the button below to download the template and discover how easy it is to correctly align your two-hole studs for precise and accurate placement on your fabric or hard surface.

Please Note: When you download and print this template, make sure that your printer is set to print "to scale" at 100%. If you don't print to scale, the hole sizes in the template will not be their actual size.