DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener SnapRite® Button Back Cloth-to-Cloth Set (Nickel-Plated Brass)
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These Cloth-to-Cloth fastener sets are comprised of DOT® Twist-Lock eyelets, washers and studs with SnapRite® buttons. They are a quick and secure way to fasten two pieces of fabric together. Also known as Common Sense® fasteners, they are generally used on mainsail covers and dodgers. This fastener method not only gives a finished appearance but also eliminates any possibility of chafe.

This Cloth-to-Cloth Twist-Lock Fastener is made from nickel-plated brass and perfectly suited for a marine environment.

Please Note: This kit utilizes SnapRite buttons which have a hole in the center for use with a mandrel. If you prefer a button without a hole, please refer to DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Button Back (#777800).


  • DOT® Common Sense Fastener Eyelet (#777005)
  • DOT® Twist-Lock Washer (#777010)
  • DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener 2 Screw Stud (#777030)
  • SnapRite® Snap Fastener Button Silver 11/64" Barrel (#104151)


Sale Unit: PK
Brand: DOT, SnapRite
Hardware Material: Brass, Metal, Nickel Plated
Assembly Thickness, Eyelet: Up To 1/8" (3-5 layers of canvas)
Assembly Thickness, Stud: Up To 1/8" (3-5 layers of canvas)
Installation Tool: Required for Buttons


Eyelet Top

A. 1.070"
B. 0.835"
C. 0.570"
D. 0.340"

Eyelet Profile

E. 0.250"


A. 1.000"
B. 0.770"
C. 0.627"
D. 0.400"

Stud Top

A. 1.250"
B. 0.475"
C. 0.860"

Stud Profile

D. 0.685"
E. 0.315"
F. 0.530"

Button Profile

A. 0.600"
B. 0.160"
C. 0.172"



Overall Rating : 3.71 7 Reviews

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Wallace Davis
Verified Purchase

Timely Delivery

Received what I ordered in a timely manner.

Boggy Creek Leather
Verified Purchase

Very satisfied with the price and especially the quality.

As a maker of leather goods these will work wonderfully on purses and bags. Very satisfied with the price and especially the quality.

Gordon Jones
Verified Purchase

It wirks

Walter Heins
Verified Purchase

What I wanted


Check the button.

Read the description carefully, the button included in this kit is not a standard DOT fastener. It is SnapRite button with a hole in the middle. I thought it was easier to buy the kit, but ended up with the wrong parts.

Verified Purchase

Easy to install, works well and looks professional.

I used these to secure thick leather on my gaff boom throat collar. I didn’t want to spend a lot more for the install tool, so I used a normal rivet gun and it worked well. Looks good and so far is holding well.

P G Lowell Hammarback
Verified Purchase

Asking for a review without sending the product after back ordering is a sure fire bad plan.

This was put on back order when I ordered. I’m still waiting for it.

Sailrite Response

The Sunbrella Marine Grade Navy fabric is actually what is holding up your order. We are scheduled to receive more on November 12th and your entire order will ship at that time. 

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