DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener SnapRite® Button Back Cloth-to-Cloth Set (Nickel-Plated Brass)

SKU: 777200
$13.70 to $123.30



These Cloth-to-Cloth fastener sets are comprised of DOT® Twist-Lock eyelets, washers and studs with SnapRite® buttons. They are a quick and secure way to fasten two pieces of fabric together. Also known as Common Sense® fasteners, they are generally used on mainsail covers and dodgers. This fastener method not only gives a finished appearance but also eliminates any possibility of chafe.

This Cloth-to-Cloth Twist-Lock Fastener is made from nickel-plated brass and perfectly suited for a marine environment.

Please Note: This kit utilizes SnapRite buttons which have a hole in the center for use with a mandrel. If you prefer a button without a hole, please refer to DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Button Back (#777800).


  • DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener Eyelet (#777005)
  • DOT® Twist-Lock Washer (#777010)
  • DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener 2-Hole Screw Stud (#777030)
  • SnapRite® Snap Fastener Button Silver 11/64" Barrel (#104151)