Types of Curtain Grommets & How to Install Them

Item # X-HT-300343

We offer two sizes (2-inch and 1-9/16-inch) of metal curtain grommets in four colors: nickel, black, brass and antique finish. Metal curtain grommets are suitable for any weight of curtain fabric. These brass curtain grommets are durable and sturdy, and they last longer than plastic curtain grommets. They’re also more professional looking than their plastic counterparts. Metal curtain grommets are intended for indoor use only. If used on outdoor curtains, the color will darken over time and the metal may stain the curtain material. Lastly, metal curtain grommets require the C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press and the corresponding size grommet dies to install them, so they are the more expensive choice of the two.

We also offer four color options of plastic curtain grommets in 1-9/16-inch size in brass, brushed silver, black and white. Plastic curtain grommets easily snap together and don’t require special installation tools, making them the more affordable option. Plastic curtain grommets are also removable if you want to replace them or if one should break. Since they’re plastic they can get wet, making them suitable for outdoor curtains or bathroom shower curtains. They’re less secure than metal ones since they only lock together without any installation tools; this also means they don’t last as long as metal curtain grommets. Because they’re plastic, they can only support sheer to drapery-weight fabrics.

Watch the video below to learn more about the difference between plastic and metal curtain grommets, as well as how to install them. You’ll learn useful tips, such as how far apart to space your curtain grommets and a helpful trick for using the W-1 Hand Press if you’re installing metal curtain grommets. Enjoy this short how-to video, and let us know if you have any questions about whether metal or plastic curtain grommets are right for you.