#5 Vent Grommet Die Set 1"

SKU: 120750



Vent die sets are used for setting vent grommets by hand. Also known as ventilators or breathers, these are grommets with small holes in the cap for ventilation and a washer to lock it in place. As a result, applications will have small vents for better airflow in denser materials.

Installation Note: A vent die is necessary for setting vent grommets. The 1" Vent Grommet requires a hole of 5/8" for proper setting. Use a #5 Hole Cutter (sold separately) or a utility knife to pre-cut a hole.

Care Tip: This die set will last a lifetime with proper care. Never use a metal hammer or mallet on a metal die set. Striking with metal can cause the metal in the die set to crystallize and cause premature failure. Use a rawhide or nylon mallet for best results.