How to Sew 7/8" Binding in 1" Binder Attachment

Item # X-HT-300361

Sunbrella® creates a high-quality acrylic 7/8” centerfold binding for use on a number of fabric applications. However, it can be difficult to sew this binding without the proper binder. Finding a 7/8” binder attachment for your sewing machine is rare and, while you can have a custom binder made, it can be expensive. Good news! You can sew this 7/8” binding using our Sailrite® 1” Swing-Away Straight Binder. We’ll walk you through it.

In our short video, we’ll show you how to properly use the Sailrite 1” Swing-Away Straight Binder to sew Sunbrella 7/8” centerfold binding. Although it’s not a perfect fit, our video will highlight the correct way to reposition both the binding and binder attachment so that the binding folds correctly on your application and your stitches are even. As with any Sailrite how-to video, our goal is to help you create flawless projects without any hassle or confusion.

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