Choosing the Best Sewing Machine Oil

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Not all sewing machines are created equal and neither are sewing machine oils. If you have a mechanical sewing machine, it needs to be oiled regularly in order to function at its best. Lubricating your sewing machine helps prevent the internal components from rubbing against each other, which causes friction and wears down the metal parts prematurely.

Oiling your sewing machine also helps the machine run more quietly, and it extends the lifetime of your machine. With regular oiling and other routine maintenance, your Sailrite® sewing machine will run smoothly and last for years — possibly for the rest of your sewing career. We're going to discuss what to look for in a high-quality sewing machine oil and give you our top pick for the best oil for Sailrite sewing machines.

Oiling your sewing machine will help it operate smoothly.

Does My Sewing Machine Need Oil?

Some sewing machines, typically home machines, do not need to be oiled. If your machine has all plastic and rubber parts, it might not require oiling. Always refer to your owner's manual to see if your sewing machine needs to be oiled. If your sewing machine has metal parts, chances are very high that it needs lubrication; however, be sure to confirm this in your manual. All Sailrite sewing machines need to be oiled regularly in order to function to their highest potential.

Each Sailrite guidebook has detailed oiling and lubrication instructions. The Ultrafeed® should be oiled every eight hours of use. It should also be oiled before it is put in storage. If working in a marine or other harsh environment, we recommend oiling all working parts prior to storage and before each use.

Although the Fabricator® is an auto-lubricating machine, it's important to regularly check the oil level to keep the machine at peak performance. You can also manually oil the Fabricator at designated lubrication points indicated in your guidebook. Occasional manual oiling of the hook and internal moving parts is recommended even for auto-lubricating sewing machines.

Sailrite recommends oiling the Professional Sewing Machine after 40 hours of continual use. You should also oil it before using the machine if it has been sitting unused for more than 30 days. The guidebook indicates which covers to remove in order to access the lubrication points. As a general rule, any component that looks like a gear, cam or slide should be oiled.

Our Recommendation

Sailrite has thoroughly tested Super Lube® Multiuse Synthetic Oil With Syncolon® (PTFE) and we highly recommend it for all Sailrite sewing machines. Super Lube is a general-purpose lubricant that protects against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. It will help your Sailrite machine operate more smoothly, last longer and sew more quietly with regular application.

The brilliance of Super Lube is in its thicker viscosity compared to other sewing machine oils. The thicker viscosity adheres to and remains on surfaces longer and works more efficiently than other lubricants. It offers good mechanical stability and does not evaporate or form gummy deposits when your sewing machine is in operation. With a five-year shelf life, Super Lube will last through years of sewing and fabricating. Think of it as your handy helper for better sewing!

After applying Super Lube to all of the lubrication points on your sewing machine, sew with a scrap piece of fabric to make sure all excess oil is worked out of the machine so it does not leak onto your next project.

Super Lube Multiuse Oil is our favorite sewing machine oil for Sailrie sewing machines.

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