How to Install a Zipper Pull

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Installing a zipper slider or zipper pull onto a zipper chain is a basic part of most upholstery and canvaswork projects. But it can be a little tricky and take practice. In this short zipper tutorial video, we’re going to show you how to attach a zipper pull onto a zipper chain. Whether you are working on a new project or replacing a broken zipper slider on an existing article, such as a jacket or canvas project, the process is the same. Watch how simple it is to install a zipper slider or pull on a zipper chain.

How to Attach a Zipper Pull 2

There are two types of zipper sliders: locking and non-locking. This quick zipper tips video shows you how to install both types of zipper sliders. A locking zipper slider has a small locking mechanism inside the slider that keeps it in place unless the tab is intentionally pulled. The slider will not move on its own if the zipper tape is forced apart. A non-locking zipper slider does not have a locking mechanism and it will allow the zipper to separate without having the tab pulled. Any force or pressure will pull the zipper teeth apart and move the slider down the zipper chain.

The video will also show you how to install zipper sliders onto both continuous and separating (jacket style) zippers. A continuous zipper doesn’t have a starter box, zipper stops or a zipper slider. It is a DIY zipper that can be completely customized based on your project needs. A separating zipper includes the starter box, zipper stops and the slider. It’s a completed zipper setup, and finished zippers come in standardized lengths.

Lastly, there’s another way to replace a zipper slider or install a zipper slider onto a zipper chain. If you install a lot of zippers — if you’re a canvasworker or make a lot of cushions or pillows — you might be interested in adding a Zipper Jig to your DIY tool kit. A Zipper Jig is like the third hand you need when installing zipper sliders. It clamps to the edge of a worktable and works with zipper sizes #2.5 to #10. The speed and ease of using this tool could be a big benefit. We'll show you how the tool works in the video below.

Watch the video to learn how to install a zipper pull.

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