Leatherwork® vs. Stitch Master® Sewing Machine — What's the Difference?

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The Sailrite® Leatherwork® Sewing Machine is a compact-size machine designed for amateur leatherworkers and small leather shops. It features a stationary table setup, the Workhorse® Servo Motor with speed reducer for slow stitch precision, and other great components and accessories. For those familiar with the Craftool® Pro Stitch Master® Sewing Machine, you might be thinking, "What's different about this machine?" Keep reading to learn more about these two compact leather sewing machines, the history behind the machines and what type of leather sewing they're meant for.

Both the Leatherwork and Stitch Master machines are well-built, entry-level leather sewing machines at an economical price point. They are intended for DIYers who want to enter the world of leather crafting or for leatherworkers wanting precise and professional-looking stitchwork and a faster alternative to hand stitching. In essence, they are the same sewing machine.

In 2018, Sailrite teamed up with Tandy Leather to create the Stitch Master — a compact leather sewing machine that wouldn't break the bank but still packed a punch. Its compact size filled a void in the leather sewing machine industry for those who wanted a stationary setup but who didn't have the space for a full-size industrial machine. It's a great machine for sewing leather up to 16 ounces. For leatherworkers who create bags, belts, wallets and other accessories, it's a fantastic and efficient sewing machine. Sailrite assembled, tuned and tested the Stitch Master machines at our Indiana facility, and Tandy sold the machines on their website and in their brick-and-mortar stores across the United States.

With the success of the Stitch Master, we decided that we wanted to bring the machine under the Sailrite name. We rebranded it the Leatherwork Sewing Machine and brought the machine into the Sailrite family of world-renowned sewing machines. Redone in an eye-catching and dazzling jewel-green color, the Leatherwork will add style and substance to your sewing studio.

So other than the color and the rebranding, the two leather machines are fundamentally the same. But in fact, the machines have even more in common than that. Both the Leatherwork and Stitch Master are based on the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LS Sewing Machine. We took the Ultrafeed machine head, put it in a space-saving stationary table with a lacquered tabletop and sturdy steel legs, and equipped it with the Sailrite Workhorse Servo Motor. Along with the Power Plus® Flywheel, two-belt drive system and built-in speed reducer, this exceptional setup slows down the machine for controlled sewing — an absolute must when sewing leather, especially for beginners and those who value uniformity and precision in their stitchwork.

In conclusion, both the Leatherwork and Stitch Master are fantastic, entry-level sewing machines that will deliver beautiful, uniform stitches every time. Inside and out, the machines' components, accessories, size and technology are the same. Both machines feature Sailrite-exclusive technology including the Workhorse Servo Motor, Power Plus Flywheel, EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate, the patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear, and a two-year machine and motor warranty.

If you're looking for a full-size industrial sewing machine that can handle thicker leather assemblies and a larger thread size, we encourage you to check out the Fabricator®. With an impressive 9/16-inch foot lift, the Fabricator is a best-in-class compound walking foot machine for small business owners and serious DIYers. Read our blog, "Why Choose the Fabricator Industrial Sewing Machine?" (#300358XHT), to learn more.