Zipper Buying Guide & Easy Ordering

Item # X-HT-300698

Step 1: Which Zipper Tooth Style?

Molded Tooth:

  • UV stable zipper teeth and tape.
  • Strong and practically weatherproof.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Choose for canvas enclosures, covers, outdoor cushions, marine bags and more.


  • Strong and flexible.
  • Takes curves very well.
  • Not very UV resistant; keep covered outdoors.
  • Choose for curved marine windows, tent openings, cushions and bags.


  • Metal teeth with metal slider and stops.
  • Not weather resistant; not recommended for outdoor projects.
  • Adds a professional look to projects.
  • Choose for bag and purse closures, jacket pockets, and indoor upholstery.


  • Practically waterproof.
  • Coil zipper teeth; does not take curve well due to waterproof coating.
  • Choose for marine applications, rain apparel and gear, military applications, and more.

Zipper Buying Guide 2

Step 2: Finished Zipper or Continuous Chain?

Finished Zippers:

  • A complete zipper install: The zipper chain, slider(s), top stop, and sometimes a starter box and pin are preinstalled. 
  • Available in specific lengths and select sizes and colors.

Continuous Zipper Chain:

  • Zipper chain only: Order a select length and cut down the chain to the exact length you need. 
  • Sliders and top/end stops are not included. 
  • Available in a wide color and size selection.

Zipper Buying Guide 3

Step 3: Which Zipper Size?

Size #4.5: Recommended for indoor pillows and cushions, small bags, and pouches. Not for outdoor use. Available in black and white only (coil only).

Size #5: Recommended for cushions, bag closures, apparel and sportswear. Large color selection to match fabrics and canvaswork.

Size #10: Recommended for boat covers, marine enclosures, tents, recreational equipment, heavy-duty apparel and more. Large color selection to match canvaswork.

Size #12: Recommended for large marine projects, large enclosures and when a stronger zipper is needed. Available in black and white only (molded tooth only).

Size #15: Recommended for large sail packs, large fabric structures, portable buildings and greenhouses, and commercial tarps. Available in black and white only (molded tooth only).

Zipper Buying Guide 4

Step 4: Which Slider Type?

Locking: Slider stays in place unless the tab is pulled. Recommended for bags, cushions, apparel — projects where you need the slider to stay put until unzipped.

Non-Locking: Slider will move if any part of the slider is pushed or if zipper teeth are pulled apart. Recommended for projects where you need to quickly and easily separate the zipper, like a genoa sleeve or spinnaker sock. 

Single Pull: Sliders have a pull on only one side. Recommended for projects you only access from one side, such as cushions, bags, apparel and canvas covers.

Double Pull: Sliders have two pulls — one on each side. Recommended for projects you can access from either side, such as marine enclosures and tents.

Zipper Buying Guide 5

Step 5: Ready to Order!

Now that you know exactly what zipper type, size and style you need for your project, you're ready to order. You'll find a well-stocked inventory of finished zippers and zipper components from the best brands in the industry, in stock and available to purchase. Click the link below to start shopping! 

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