1" Foam Hole Cutter
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Use this Foam Hole Cutter to cut precise, perfectly sized holes in your polyurethane upholstery foam for button tufting. The extremely sharp carbonized cutting edge cuts through seating foam with ease. The hole in the foam will allow the button to sink into the foam for a professional-looking tufted upholstery piece. The cutting cylinder is 3 inches, but you can cut through a maximum thickness of 5 inches by compressing the foam when drilling. This hole cutter attaches to a drill press or a handheld power drill.

When using the hole cutter, drill straight down to cut your foam, and then keep the drill engaged as you lift the hole cutter out. Keeping the drill on will pull the cut hole out of your foam piece. Place a cutting mat underneath the foam to protect your work surface.

Tip: Spraying inside and outside the cylinder with a dry silicone lubricant or McLube™ Sailkote can help promote a smooth cutting experience.

What size Foam Hole Cutter should I get for deep tufting of buttons?

It all depends on the look and style you prefer. A standard button size of #36 is usually installed using a 1" hole cutter, but that is not a rule. You may want the button to sit more indented in the foam for a plusher look. If so, you may want to use a larger Foam Hole Cutter. These ratios are all a matter of preference.

In general, these are the typical sizes for each button size:

#30 to #36 Upholstery Buttons - 1" Foam Hole Cutter

#36 to #45 Upholstery Buttons - 1-1/4" Foam Hole Cutter

#45 Upholstery Buttons - 1-1/2" Foam Hole Cutter


  • Sharp carbonized cutting edge drills clean, precise holes.
  • Length of holding tip: 7/8 inch.
  • Length of cutting cylinder: 3 inches.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: C.S. Osborne
Size: 1"


Hole Cutter

A. 0.313"
B. 2.790"
C. 0.949"


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