6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project

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6 Notions to Keep on Hand

Basting Tape

6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 4

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of this handy tape! You’ll see basting tape featured in almost all of our how-to videos. Basting will help you create more accurate hems and seams. This double-sided basting tape helps to keep your seams and hems in place so nothing shifts as you move the fabric from the table to the sewing machine or while you’re sewing.

Marking Tools

6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 6

Patterning has never been easier! Avoid stray patterning marks on your sewing projects by using a removable marking tool. Choose the tool that will write best on your fabric and then wipe away the marks. We offer a large selection of marking tools, so you’re sure to find one that will work on your material and project.

Patterning Material

6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 8

This is another Sailrite® staple notion. We love patterning material! This useful item helps you pattern, mark and template your projects with ease and accuracy. Sailrite stocks two brands of patterning material.  Dura-Skrim® is recommended for patterning marine enclosures like dodgers and biminis due to its flexibility and lighter weight. Sailrite® Patterning Material is heavier and stiffer and is ideal for templating cushions and bags.


6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 5

Speed up your sewing by using pre-wound bobbins! These hembobs save you time winding new bobbins and they can hold 30-35% more thread than self-wound bobbins. Pre-wound hembobs also offer better tension that bobbins you wind yourself to help you get the best stitches possible.

Shelter-Rite® Tape

6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 3

This 3-inch vinyl tape is great to keep on hand for adding reinforcement to chafe points on canvas projects. Keeping a reinforcing tape in your tool kit lets you quickly protect stress points and helps you avoid patching down the road.

Multiuse Pins

6 Handy Notions to Have for Any Project 7

Straight pins are a standard of every sewing kit. Keep pins on hand for holding your fabric in place while patterning, cutting and sewing. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

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