Tape Shelter-Rite® 18 oz. White 3" (Not Adhesive Backed)

SKU: 104223



Tape Shelter-Rite® 18 oz. White 3" is an edge reinforcement tape made from Shelter-Rite vinyl coated polyester fabric. Shelter-Rite is great for chafe protection and this tape is perfect for reinforcing edges. Use Shelter-Rite tape for reinforcing edges of covers, trampolines and tarps.

For quick construction, use HH-66 Vinyl Cement to permanently bond Shelter-Rite fabric together. HH-66 dries in minutes and remains flexible. Sew (using Tex 70 thread with a #16 or #18 needle or Tex 90 thread with a #18 or #20 needle) for a neater looking finished product.

Please Note: This tape is not adhesive backed.