Micro Basting/Tacking Gun

SKU: 121579



Use the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun to cut down on sewing time and speed up the assembly process! The Micro Basting/Tacking Gun is perfect for making quilted products or holding pleats together, such as a pleated dust ruffle. You can even attach embellishments to your top treatments for a custom look. When creating Roman Shades, use the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun to easily and quickly close the ends of the rib pockets and tack the lining to the decorative fabric. This handy gun can be used as an alternative to fabric glue, pins or even sewing to keep thin fabric layers together.

This basting/tacking gun features a fine needle, which ensures that you will leave the smallest possible hole in any fabric you work with. Comes with a protective cap to ensure no damage is done to your assembly.

Note: Uses Micro Basting/Tacking Fasteners #121580 - Not Included.