Carbiepoles™ Mounting Platform Spacer

SKU: 123611



This Carbiepoles™ Mounting Platform Spacer is an accompanying piece for the Carbiepoles™ Separating Mounting Base for boats. This spacer attaches to your boat via five small holes and prevents you from having to drill a larger hole into your boat's fiberglass to accommodate the spring-loaded button on the mounting base. Using this spacer allows you to drill smaller and fewer holes into your boat when installing the Carbiepoles system.

Durable & Strong

Made from 1-inch-thick durable PVC/Delrin plastic.

Fits Both Sizes

Fits both sizes of Separating Mounting Bases — the 1-1/2-inch (38mm) and 2-inch (53mm) sizes.

Convenient & Practical

Easy to install and creates fewer and smaller holes in your fiberglass.